Monday, August 10, 2009

The River

Even though summer has finally caught up with New York City, and the steam is visibly rising from the pavement, scorching under upper 90-degree sun today, I had the overwhelming urge to go running after work. It felt really good to run down around the Riverbank Athletic Park. There, people were playing every sport imaginable--football, running on the track, swimming, handball, baseball, basketball... It's a really amazing place. It was fun to see all the people busy at different activities. Some just laying in the grass soaking in the heat. Then I ran down along the river, where there is a beautiful trail for bikers and runners. On one side a busy city, and on the other a lazy, peaceful river with the sun setting in hot pink clouds above it. The trees, grass, and wildflowers smelled like summer in the country, and a stiff breeze blew seagulls up from the sea. Kayakers paddled around in the distance, and a white airplane stood out against the hazy blue-gray sky above the George Washington Bridge. People everywhere got on with the business of running, walking, driving, biking, strolling, sightseeing, flying, boating, while the Hudson just gently rolled along.

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