Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food Glorious Food

I went grocery shopping today in my neighborhood for the first time today. I live near two grocery stores. The first one is medium sized, and clearly owned by people with some serious food issues. Look:
The food, otherwise arranged in no particular order, is stacked in pyramids from floor to ceiling. The rest of the store is festively hung with red white and blue bunting. I have a theory that the owners of this store are living their version of the American dream by celebrating the abundance of food choices we have here. Or maybe they are fans of 1960s pop art.

The second grocery store in my neighborhood is located under a highway, next to the river--kind of a strange place--but the trek is worth is. Entering this store is like entering a labyrinth of food. Food here is also stacked from floor to ceiling, but the effect is more like food tunnels than impressive pyramids. Again, an abundance of riches. You ought to see the salad pit, and the stacks of lemons and limes. I wanted to take more pictures, but I was busy staring at all the food.

This store has an entire Cold Room where all the refrigerated food like milk, eggs, and meat are kept. The store even provides a huge pile of coats for people to put on if they want to, because the cold room is basically a giant walk in refrigerator. You ought to also see the olive bar, and the cakes. You can even watch the Oompaloompas--I mean the employees--make mozzarella cheese! This place really is the grocery store that Willy Wonka would have had if he gave up the chocolate factory.


Just Julie said...

That first picture looks a lot like Super-Compare Foods that I used to grocery shop at on Broadway and 138th! Is it? It looks like your new place is in my old area, if you're close to this and Fairway.

Lady Holiday said...

It is! You guessed my grocery stores. It's a fun neighborhood. But seriously--what's with the food can pyramids? I can't get over them.