Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Daily Grind

Jeff is right--I'm lucky to have a job, and I'm thankful to have one. But I hate those days when you get to work and before you even have time to turn the computer on, your boss is calling you with a list of things that need to get done, and then when you try to do them, you encounter so many obstacles that its like one of those bad dreams where you are trying to run but its all slow motion.

Luckily, the day got better. I didn't get in any trouble, free toffee popcorn came with the box of office supplies we ordered, and I when my sisyphean tasks were over I got to go out and run errands--delivering a check here, picking up a watch there. And I got to take taxis, which always cheers me up. The day was hot and sunny, but it was nice to be out of the shop. The watch-dealer I delivered a check to gave me a box of chocolates. I feel like he probably has a stash of them in his safe alongside his watches, ready to be doled out to pretty girls. He's Italian, after all.

For lunch I had a fruit shake, because there was no time for food. There was too much to do, and even when work was over I didn't feel like grocery shopping, so I had cereal for dinner, and chocolate cake. I realize that everything I've eaten today except the cheerios was full of sugar, and that's why my stomach is now feeling kind of odd. But I don't have any real food--maybe a box of Saltines somewhere that I haven't unpacked yet--and its too late to go raid Peter's fridge. Oh well. Tomorrow I will be healthier. Maybe I will even go grocery shopping.

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