Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday at the Knitting Circle

This is the skirt I've been working on for about two months now. I'm almost done. I took it to the Harlem Knitting Circle this morning and worked on it for a few hours. The Knitting Circle is a meet-up group of Harlem ladies who have been gathering every two weeks or so for a few years now to knit, crochet, and socialize. This was my first time attending, though I signed up to get their announcements a couple of months ago. Not sure what to expect, I figured I'd at least get a bit done on my skirt before frittering away the rest of my Saturday. But I ended up staying and crocheting for almost 3 hours because it was so much fun. The women were all so friendly and happy and interesting. Njoya, the group's leader is a kindergarten teacher who used to dance with Grace Jones at Studio 54 back in the day. She had some crazy stories to tell! About twelve of us gathered around her on the top floor of the Harlem Branch Library, worked on our various projects, munched on muffins and pineapple, and became friends. I loved it, and will definitely go back--maybe wearing my skirt the next time.

Also, I'm so proud that I got everything done on last night's to-do list! And more. Except I didn't get as far on the quilt pattern as I wanted to, but that's okay. And I didn't find a swimsuit... but not for lack of shopping!

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