Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rainbows Over Harlem

The week before a vacation is always the longest week ever. I can't believe it's only Tuesday and there are still three more days to go before Saturday. Sigh... However, some things make the day go by fast including:

--Being obsessed with the song "It's Hard to Live in the City" by Albert Hammond, Jr. I am a woman obsessed. Check it:

--Eating homemade bread.

--Seeing one of those edible arrangement bouquets be delivered to Dali at work, a late Mother's Day gift from her children. It was accompanied by a teddy bear and chocolates. So cute! I took it downstairs to her and she said she'd save the fruit bouquet for all of us to share tomorrow.

--A crazy customer who walked in to the shop and asked me if he could get an appraisal. I told him he needed to make an appointment, but instead of pulling out a wristwatch he took a handful of knives and forks out of a torn paper bag. He spread them out on the jewelry counter and would not stop talking... about how he was sure they were gold (they were brown) because only gold pulled from the Titanic doesn't tarnish (what?) and he was going to retire off of them (excuse me?) and anyway he wasn't afraid to walk around with $50,000 in his pocket (really? tell me more!). I could not get him to stop talking nonsense, so finally I just walked away and the security guard gave him the stare down.

--Coming home and seeing a double rainbow over Harlem as it rained and sunned at the same time. But by the time I had run up to the rooftop with my camera, only one rainbow remained in the sky.

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