Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ugh. Something really exciting and interesting happened at work yesterday, and I wrote a big long post about it last night. However, when I got to work this morning I was told by my boss that "in this day of blogging and twittering, we must be vigilant not to speak of company matters outside the shop." I'm not sure if that meant he knew about my blog post, or if he was just reminding everyone to be prudent, but at the first opportunity I deleted yesterday's post. Not that it even said anything bad. I never mention where I actually work, or anyones names on my blog, except in general terms or under pseudonyms, so its not as if I'm spilling company secrets. Nevertheless, I feel ruffled, like I should have the right to say anything online that I feel like saying. It's a free country, right? Well, sort of. I suppose if I owned a business, I would want to protect it in every way. And I realize that, in blogging, I am putting information out there for all to see. But I believe, and always have believed, that the more information the better. I think people should have a right to know things and talk about things without feeling afraid or intimidated. Information ought to be shared. Stories ought to be told!

Someday I will tell all the forbidden stories of my life!

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tkangaroo said...

I caught yesterday's post, and now more than ever think you are in your own episode of Law & Order. Crazy!

I've deleted a few posts, but I'll admit, there are some I have just changed the options to post a few years from now. . . saving it for later.