Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

When I was a little girl growing up in Oregon countryside, it was always a long car ride to church. I didn't mind looking out the car windows, though, at the beautiful scenery going by. There always seemed to be birds lined up on the telephone wires, and I imagined they were having church, too.

There is a trend in my ward for all the hip young married girls to wear beautiful headbands, hippy style, around their heads. I love it. But I feel like I cannot copy them. I will have to be cool and original in my own way. Anyway, I don't know why I thought of that just now--I guess it was the next thing I thought of when thinking about church today. Church was nice today. I love my ward, and I love that there is a mixture of all ages of people. Even some young single ones for me to have crushes on. I'm not admitting to any crushes, but if there were...

Yesterday was nice too. A woman in my ward invited all the Sisters over to her house to teach us how to make a few Southern style soul food dishes. My task was to clean the collards. And I took notes and wrote every step down, so we would have the recipes to share, but Malvina just added everything instinctively and timed everything perfectly as a result of cooking these same dishes her whole life, having grown up in South Carolina, learning it all from helping her mother. She made us fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens with pork necks and tails (I know, but it was actually delicious!), and cornbread. It was my dream meal come true. I asked Malvina if she had saved her receipts from the grocery store, because it was really a church activity, and she could be reimbursed, but she said no--that's not why she did it. She wanted to share something with all the women at church who have given so much to her. "It will come back to me in other ways," she said. A wonderful cook, and a wonderful spirit of love.

So I have been snacking on fried chicken and mac'n'cheese leftovers all day long, plus cookies. I'm going to have to roll myself into bed tonight! I was going to run today, but my ankles hurt--I think I need new running shoes. And that's a really good excuse! Instead I have been crocheting and watching movies and eating all afternoon. And now I'm exhausted for some reason.

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