Monday, March 30, 2009


I ought to have bought some of this graduation-themed African fabric and made myself a dress out of it to wear on Saturday. That would have been hilarious. Actually, what was hilarious was this girl in my class who is a really rich snobby sort. She was so attached to the leopard-print hipster scarf she was wearing around her neck that she kept it on over her graduation gown! Graduation gowns are already ridiculous, but that was just funny.

So, everyone is asking me: what's next? But I don't really know! My first item of business is to clean my room, during which I will hopefully find my internet bill, my Netflix movie, my overdue library books, and the pattern to the skirt I'm trying to crochet. Next, I will continue my search for a fabulous job. Everyone is having hiring freezes, but there must be something out there. Then, while I do that, I am going to whip my body into shape, work on some new art projects, and try to be as productive as possible while still getting enough sleep. Is that a good answer?

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Holly said...

I think it's an excellent plan :)