Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get Right

I don't have a Harlem church to post today, but here is the North Carolina equivalent. Saw this on the way to the beach.


Red said...

is the trailer the church?

Lady Holiday said...

No, I think it's just someone's house. In North Carolina (probably in Georgia, too), especially in the small towns, people just like to put religious messages in their yards, to warn their neighbors to repent. You'll drive down the highway and see bible verses posted on trees, and billboards saying "God has your number! Repent now!" Also on the way to the beach I saw someone's yard and they had a dry-erase board sitting out front leaning against a fence with a verse from Jeremiah there in case passersby wanted to look it up and read about how God is angry with them. It's funny to me how passive-aggressive the Bible-belt is.

Lis said...

Excellent composition! Glad no one hit us on the side of the road :)