Friday, March 20, 2009

The Country Life

I'm in North Carolina! After work I hopped on the last plane to Raleigh and arrived in NC around 10 pm only to find that my dad had fallen on his back while standing on the porch swing to change a light bulb, so my brother was coming to get me instead. Dad seems to be fine, but ouch! I just know his back is going to be sore for days and days. I wish I had time to stay home for a few days, but I'm headed to the beach with friends. My mom has been in Idaho, and is going to be there for another month, so I wish I could clean the house for her from top to bottom and put everything in order. Not that my brothers and dad are super messy (but my little sister is! :))--I just can't stand the cobwebs in the corners, the dead flowers in old vases, and the jars of weird leftovers in the fridge. Oh well. It's home. And it's so quiet here.

I woke up early, even though I stayed up late catching up on all the crazy news of home. I think I'll go to the grocery store and stock up on food for the beach, and then go to the yarn store. My friend is coming at 1, and then we're headed to the beach!!! Meanwhile, I'll go play with the dog some more. My mom's Alaskan Malamute is a doll, and I love to run around the back yard with her. Actually, I already did a little running this morning, after I looked out the front window and saw the chickens were out! They were pecking and scratching around in the garden, with their gate wide open. Someone must have not closed it tightly last night as they rushed to get out of the rainstorm that was happening. So I ran out and chased all the chickens back into their pen, making sure to count them. I must say, my herding skills are not bad! That's what comes from having five younger brothers and sisters, I guess. And that reminds me--fresh eggs to take to the beach!

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good bird catching