Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's a very busy week! I have a bazillion things to do in what seems like very little time. Luckily, I have a sister who helps me. Tonight we ate cotton candy, watched a movie, and made the handouts for the church dinner I'm in charge of. Now we are both yawning, laying around, exhausted from the day. The dinner is on Thursday night, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. I'm bad at being in charge of things. And it's really hard to get everything done and have a job, too. The dinner is going to be sort of fancy potluck, with all the church ladies bringing their favorite soul-food dishes (theme=food for the body and the spirit), and I have so many things I want to cook and bring to share, but I know I will hardly have time to prepare one or two. So, tonight I did the grocery shopping and made the hand-out. Tomorrow after work I will go and set up the church and make cornbread. Then on Thursday I will wake up early to make ham and potatoes in my slow-cooker so it will be ready when I get home from work and I can just run over to the dinner in time for it to start. After that is all over, my dad is coming to town on Friday for a weekend visit, so I need to clean my house in preparation. On Saturday, I graduate, so that will be a busy day, too. It's all very fun stuff! But I need to budget my time wisely in order to stuff some other things in like paying bills, writing some letters, and eating. Oh yes, and sleep. I'd better get to bed now, but E is making me laugh. I've been asking her to write a guest post on my blog, but she can never decide what to write about. Her latest idea is to make a list of all the most disgusting things in nature and post that on my blog! Um... okay.

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westendgirl said...

Yeah! Like Those protozoan things that killed that boy after he swam in the lake, bot flies, ticks, brain worms....you name it!