Saturday, March 21, 2009

At The Beach

Something about being at the edge of the ocean, like being at the edge of the earth, with nothing but the eternal expanse to look at and listen to... I love it. The beach is my favorite. I'm still in my bed, but I can see and hear the ocean waves from my window. The sun is rising and making everything baby-pink and blue. There is a rocking chair on the balcony that is calling me, but so is the surf. I want to go walk along the edge of the waves and get my feet wet in the sea-foam, telling poems to the ocean.

We arrived last night in time to enjoy the beautiful evening. It's warmer here than I thought it would be! And sunny. So peaceful and amazing. We soaked in the hot tub, under the stars (trying in vain to identify them...), with the waves crashing below us. When I got too hot, I'd go run and jump in the waves for a minute, then run back. I'm in heaven.


Lis said...

I object to my legs being in this photo. But not the memory of that nice evening on the porch.

Lady Holiday said...

Lis, if you hadn't said anything, no one would even know those were your legs! It was such a nice weekend at the beach--I'm so glad we went.