Saturday, February 21, 2009


There I was, curled up on my bed with a book, minding my own business, when all of a sudden a mouse ran across the floor! I screamed for E, and she came running with a flashlight, but we couldn't find where it had gone. I have a sick feeling that it has a nest somewhere in my laundry pile. I have a lot of clothes, and sometimes I go for 2 months without doing laundry, so the pile can get large. Now I guess I need to stop procrastinating. I also have a bad habit of eating in my room. I'm not really that messy--the only dishes that might be laying around are an empty cereal bowl or a dried up glass of water, and I never leave wrappers laying around. So I don't know what attracted the mouse to my room. All I know is that it has to die soon. After E and I spent a few minutes looking around the room, and getting more and more freaked out by the possibilities, I stuffed towels under the door of my room and went to the grocery store to buy traps. They were on sale! Now there are five traps set in various places around the room. Two with cookie bait, one with apple, and two glue traps. And as soon as I was done setting them, I had an overwhelming urge to take a shower. So now I'm clean, camped out in the living room on the couch, but unsure if I'll be able to sleep tonight. That mouse better be dead by morning! This is war.

Sigh. Now it's the next morning, and I am happy to report one dead mouse! Gross, but good news.


Red said...

did you catch it? Best thing to set the trap with is a nice sharp cheese. And those glue things are just mean! Say nothing about when it suddenly sticks to you and you don't know it until someone (usually a stranger) points it out! Stick with the traps that snap their necks. Icky but efficeent.

Lady Holiday said...

Yeah, I only got the glue ones because they were on sale. I'm old-fashioned, and tend to think the snap traps work best, even though the ones they make these days are junky. You can't set them with a hair trigger at all, I always have to tie the cookies on with string. Otherwise they eat the cookies every time and the trap never springs. Harlem mice seem to love cookies best--they never even touch cheese. So yeah, I got it. It ate one cookie without springing the trap, then went to another trap and died eating more cookie.