Sunday, February 8, 2009

Haitian Evangelical

During a winter week that brought single digit temperatures to my city, I felt a tiny bit of island warmth emanating from this Haitian church. I love the blue tiles, and I think it is so interesting that when they converted the brownstone apartment into a church, they added wooden inserts to the main-floor windows to give them that ubiquitous gothic arch that characterizes a building as a church. (Click to enlarge the photo) But the arches are all but hidden by the thick metal grates. I also think that the weathered, plain cross is interesting, and I wonder if it is that way on purpose.

Well, happy Sunday! I will try to post more later... but I've got a busy day ahead.

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Red said...

LH- I love the (oil) painting you put over on the side (I guess your profile pic?) Great Job (whoever did it)

This is a really cool church