Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hope I get to live in New York for at least several more years, but you never know where life will lead, so lately I've been thinking of all the things I've seen and done here, and what I have not done yet but should definitely do before I someday leave. Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating National Pancake Day with my friend Jeff. We went to IHOP where they were giving away free pancakes! It was pretty sweet. I can't believe that the only IHOP in Manhattan is just down the street from my house! Anyway, talking with Jeff reminded me that there are many places in New York that I have been meaning to go, but just have not. So I have begun to make a list, starting with:

The Brooklyn Museum. I hate to admit that I have not been there! It is supposed to be terrific. It's just that sometimes Brooklyn seems so far away.

Katz Deli. The big fat sandwiches, with their accompanying pickles, are calling me.

Shake Shack. I need to go before it gets warm, because otherwise the lines are outrageous.

Camp. It's a night-spot in Brooklyn where you can make your own s'mores at the table! What could be better? Why am I not there right now making s'mores?

The Doughnut Plant. Why are all the places on my list either museums or places with food? Oh well. Look at the flavors of these donuts! I've got to try one, but how will I be able to choose which flavor?

S'mac. Macaroni and cheese all the time, all the way! Again, why am I not there at this moment? Plus, Oprah loves this place.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria. Pizza is the food of the gods, so if this place is as good as everyone says, it must be heaven. I guess I should plan a day in Brooklyn, starting with the museum, pizza at Grimaldi's and then s'mores at Camp.

Where else do I need to go? Oh yeah, the Metropolitan Opera! I really want to see an opera. And surely there are some other things in this city that I need to see before it's too late. My list will surely grow.


Red said...

darnit woman your making me hungry

Just Julie said...

Grimaldi's is Awesome, with a capital A!

Ursula said...

yeah, you have got to get to grimaldi's!!! enjoy the snow day. my fingers are crossed for you.