Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celeb Sighting

I emerged from my basement cubicle today to find the paparazzi three deep outside the store, cameras up against the glass. It may be the closest I'll ever get to experiencing how the animals feel in the zoo. The celebrity shopper was Lily Allen, looking at Rolexes in a spare moment. She's in New York promoting her new album, which was released today. I remember hearing a charming interview with her a couple years back on NPR, but I have not been a huge fan of her music. Nevertheless, she was lovely in real life, and it was fun to have a real star in our midst. But what gave me the most entertainment was the crowd of people outside. I ran out the back way to snap a few shots, and everyone was asking "Who's in there?" The crowd grew, traffic stopped, and I laughed at it all. Why are people so silly?


Ursula said...

was she attractive & congenial? i love her music.

Lady Holiday said...

She was very attractive and congenial, and sweet. She jumped up and down with glee when she found the watch she wanted, and seemed very pleased.