Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can You See Him?

Sometimes I walk to Columbus Circle after work and catch the train home there. Sometimes when I do this, I pass the Ziegfeld Theater, which tends to play host to a lot of movie premieres. This time it was The Pink Panther II. Because a blizzard was going on at the time (my camera doesn't capture snowfall very well, but trust me--it was blizzardly weather), there were plastic tents covering the entire sidewalk in front of the theater and only a few gawkers trying to peer in, instead of the usual throng. I arrived just in time to barely make out the figure of a person with white hair making his way down the line, shaking hands, pausing for photographs, and so I'm going to just say it was Steve Martin. The plastic made it hard to tell, but it probably was him.

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