Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beach Dreaming

Everyone in New York is getting cabin fever, I think. The winter is dragging on, and we're all sick of the cold gray days. No wonder I've been dreaming about the beach. Luckily I was able to finagle a few days off in March, so I'm going to take advantage of the low airfares and my awesome friends and go spend a long weekend at a North Carolina beach house! I know the beach in March, even in North Carolina, isn't necessarily going to involve swimsuit weather, but there's a hot tub there, and I love beaches in all weather. I've probably mentioned that my family's tradition was to go to the Oregon coast every New Year's Day. So if I can love a blustery January day in Lincoln City, a spring weekend on a southeasterly coast should be absolutely divine. Really, I'm just dying to smell the salt air, feel the waves, run barefoot in the sand, and see the horizon. Even though Manhattan is an island, and I'm pretty sure the Atlantic is just a few miles away, somehow living here doesn't seem like beach living all that much. I miss the beach! Anyway, I'm really tired right now and probably just rambling on, but I'm so excited about my upcoming trip, I just had to share. Can't wait!

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