Saturday, January 10, 2009


More crochet talk today. I've been thinking about knots, and how they can be good or bad things. I've been organizing my yarn, which I haven't really attempted since moving last July. In the rush of the move, all the skeins, which were covered in plaster dust from the ceiling collapse, were thrown into a big basket, where they became even more jumbled than they were before. They tangled together into one huge knot, which I've almost successfully untied. I've vacuumed the dust out of them, unpicked all the tangles (well, E helped, and so did the scissors!) and rolled each color into a neat ball. I have a lot of yarn! Time to get busy and make some things.

Anyway, while I've been sitting untangling these knots of yarn, listening to the radio and watching fat snowflakes waft outside my window, I've been thinking about how I'm taking apart knots only to create new ones. I mean, crochet and knitting are just ways of tying yarn into a large neat and organized knot. A tangled knot is the result of carelessness, neglect, and chance, but a crocheted or knitted piece requires attention, dedication, and patience. A pattern usually helps, too.

And of course, I've also been thinking about my own life, what is right and wrong with it, and how there are definitely some knots that I need to unpick, smooth out, and weave into a more beautiful and orderly interlace. The process is frustrating, sometimes seems pointless, but I know that it is necessary. Also, its not impossible, and I'm hoping that I will have the patience and control to do it.

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