Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grace United

Happy Sunday. I'm still too sick to go to church. I'm wondering if I have a sinus infection. It's all very disgusting. Sigh... But the most bizarre thing? At night when I'm asleep, all of my sickness symptoms go away. My nasal passages clear, my cough is gone, my head no longer hurts. I awaken refreshed and feeling good. Then, a few minutes later, I become all stuffed up, full of sinus pressure, and start hacking and wheezing. Again, sorry for the details! But I wonder how my body knows it's asleep? Why does it suspend virus-attacking mechanisms, or whatever it is? Is it like war in the olden days when both sides would camp for the night side by side and wait until the next morning to resume killing each other? I don't understand it, but am grateful for the chance to rest. Last night I slept for ten hours, and I'm thinking tonight I should try for twelve. If sleep is the only respite I get, then sleep I shall, for as long as it takes.

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Jennster said...

that is odd. is there mildew around in a different room when your awake? Have you tried ZIcam of any of them pre-cold stoppers? I use the one by VIcks that you spray up your nose.

Great pic of the chruch btw, hope you feel better soon.