Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuff I Feel Like Saying

1. Some of the people I work with are super gung-ho about politics, and when we set up the store in the morning it's all they want to talk about, but they have nothing nice and tons of horrible things to say about their chosen candidate's opponents. At this point I'm so sick of these peoples one-track opinions that I almost feel ready to just vote for the opposite person just to spite them! Isn't that terrible? I can find strengths and weaknesses in both parties, and I can make my decision privately without spouting venom to make myself feel better about the choice. Ugh! I think I'll just start wearing headphones in the morning.

2. Some of you may not realize that I'm a motorcycle lover. It's dangerous, I know, and I'm not into the whole hoochy-biker girl thing or the guys with the long beards blowing in the wind, but I perk up at the sound of a motorcycle engine coming my way, and so I got a huge thrill today when about 50 bikers cruised up 6th all in a pack. The other day I saw a gorgeous chopper parked out front of a pizza place on 51st that I go to sometimes. That's nice, but I'd settle for a nice Honda Rebel and a long country road. P.S. Does the posture on this guy in the picture look a little weird?

3. At lunchtime I grabbed a piece of pizza and went over to Rockefeller Center, where they have the U.S. Open playing all day on a huge screen. The nicest part is that they have a big piece of grass in front of it--nice, real, green grass--that people can sit on and watch the games. So I sat there and soaked in some late-summer sun and watched. I don't know why anyone would go to the actual stadium when they could be there in that grass with a life-size game so close you feel like you might get hit by a stray ball.

4. On my to the subway after work I saw huge crowds of people and flashbulbs and people in fancy duds parading around next to a huge sign that said "Entourage." But I didn't go take a closer look because I've never even seen that show and so I probably wouldn't even know who I was looking at if I saw the actors. But then when I got home and read that Michael Phelps is doing a cameo on Entourage, I wish I would have stopped. I'd love to see him in person!


Donnie Barnes said...

So Holly is now and out-of-the-closet biker chick! Sweet. Nothing wrong with a Honda Rebel and some twisty roads, either. They're great little bikes, and fairly cheap to own. Once you have that knitting and antique store, it would be perfect for you! :-)

I can only take political talk in fairly small doses, too. Sadly, this election seems to be coming down to a lot of young versus old, and that bugs me. But it is what it is...

mother said...

Now is the time more than ever to stand up for your beliefs. Your opinion counts too, and now more than ever in the world of shifting values, as our prophet Gordon B. Hinckley would say. Voice your opinions against abortion, and terrorism, and same sex marriage. Remember, you are a spokesman for Jesus Christ. Like Lehi, we should be warning our fellowman or the blood of the unforwarned will be on our heads (Ezekiel 3:18-19).
This is not a time to hide your head in a bushel. Have the righteous indignation of Paul and don't back down from the fight. This may not be what you want to hear from me right now, but it is frustrated complacency that I have no tolerance for.

Lady Holiday said...

I've never been IN the closet about loving motorcycles, Donnie! I'll write a real motorcycle post one of these days and tell you all about it.

As for Mother, calm down! :) I do stand up for my beliefs. I just don't want to get into pointless arguments with people that won't see reason, first thing in the morning. You should be lecturing E--she's the one that's not registered to vote.

Anonymous said...

The bike in your photo is a Honda Valkyrie - I considered buying one or perhaps a Rune - I've decided I really need a HD VROD instead. I have now joined the old fogies' club, those who actually like an upright riding position...Here's a German guy showing off a VROD:
Love, Dad