Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raving and Ranting

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday! I'm on a weird schedule at work where I work every other Saturday and every other Monday, so it means I have 6-day weeks and 4-day weeks. This is my 6-day week, and the good news is that its already half over.

Anyway, at work I share office space with Princess and Dali (their real names, of course) and this week is Dali's birthday. Dali's birthday is my favorite, because that woman knows how to throw a party. Instead of just having cake at work, she goes all out and throws a huge party. You know, most people expect to receive things for their birthday, but Dali gave us a gift. She invited everyone from work plus everyone in her dance class plus her family and a few other random folks to come to Ricardo's, a locally owned steakhouse in Spanish Harlem, for a huge feast with drinks and dancing. She paid for a huge party with a delicious multi-course meal, drinks for everyone, with music and a beautiful outdoor terrace setting. It was delightful. The food was delicious--I'm going to have to go back there soon! The company was great--it was fun to meet Dali's family, as well as some other random people. (The party was shockingly full of crashers, but I don't blame them for wanting to join in the fun with Dali's crowd.) After dinner and cake they pushed the tables back and everyone started to salsa. I wish I had brought my camera. You will notice the sad lack of pictures here...

So that was Tuesday night. It felt like a Friday, so that means today was sort of like Monday, so in that sense, maybe it is a short week after all.

The second part of this post is a rant, so stop reading if you want to--I just have to vent for a minute. New York is annoying right now because its full of U.N. dignitaries and they are constantly driving back and forth through midtown, where I work, so the traffic has been horrible. I'm not even a driver and it annoys me! This morning the security guard at work said he saw George Bush drive by with a police escort. That's fine, I just wish they would not use the sirens and alarms, or close streets off. Let the city flow! Or else go make the U.N. its own little city somewhere else. Seriously, today was the first time I've seen gridlock traffic in the city since I've lived here. And since I'm on a rant, I just want to complain about the group of people surrounding some singer in Borders that was blocking the aisle of cds that I wanted to look at. I couldn't buy Dali a salsa music cd for her birthday because I couldn't get through the crowd of people gathered to watch some visiting performer. That just isn't right.

But those are my only two complaints today, so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Now it's time (what! it's 9:48 already! ugh. complaint.) to clean my room, which exploded this morning as I was searching for winter (ugh) stockings to wear to work...

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