Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

There's a reason why I can't sleep when it rains. It's because I'm cursed. Yes, not only do I have a computer curse, I have a water curse. When it rains, I always get a premonition that something bad is going to happen, which I just ignore, because the rain has never done anything to harm me. I've got no fight with Mother Nature.

It's been raining torrentially all day long, which is fine--I carry around an umbrella like any good New Yorker. I'm happy that the rain is bringing the temperatures down--it's been too hot and humid for my taste lately. And I'm fine with getting a little bit wet around the ankles and having to close all the windows in the house because the rain comes down horizontally here. But I'm not fine with wet ceilings. You'll recall that in my last house the ceiling collapsed because of water-damaged plaster. Well, I came home from the library today, went into the living room, and for some reason I looked at the ceiling. It's got a huge water spot and it's dripping!!!

This is a newly renovated apartment, and they just put a new roof on this building, the Super said. But I guess they weren't prepared for Hurricane Hanna. We're on the top floor, and it seems the roof isn't draining fast enough, so water has seeped into a hairline crack right above our living room and has made its way through the sheet-rock and paint and into our home. How frail this existence is. I feel like the little pig who lived in a house of straw. I mean seriously, this is the 21st century and we still have dripping ceilings! And trust me, you could take a survey of the five other apartments on this floor, and we would be the only one with the dripping ceiling. I'm cursed.

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Lis said...

Oh my gosh, Holly! This is too crazy. I really hope it doesn't cause a collapse!