Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh the Joys of Work

My favorite part about work is all the gorgeous and interesting things I get to handle. I see every single item before it goes to the sales floor, and usually I try it on. For example, the pair of vintage Harry Winston earrings I was playing with today. Set in platinum with huge cascades of marquis shaped diamonds, they would be too heavy to wear for very long, but what fun while it lasts! I wanted to take a picture of them, but wasn't sure if my boss would approve me posting that on my blog, so I will make do with this vintage Harry Winston ad from a 1950s Vogue magazine. Today I also got to play with some amazing watches, including an electric Hamilton wristwatch from the 50s (electric!) and a really old Jurgensen pocketwatch in its original box, with a really cool chain that had a pocketknife charm on it. My favorite is when the watches or jewelry have inscriptions on them, or other clues about the owners. Like charm bracelets, which illustrate a person's life by what the charms are. One time I saw a pocketwatch with a photo-realistic engraving of a beautiful woman on the inside. It must have been the owner's sweetheart.

That's why I love antique stores, because when I'm in one I feel like I'm in a giant keepsake box of things that people have saved for years and years because they are either very unusual or very meaningful. I'd like to know the story behind everything I find. Who made that old silk yo-yo quilt--was it for a wedding? Whose precious china plates were those--were they used for a special occasion? What soldier carried that military issue wristwatch--did he see battle? After work I called home to say that E and I will be home for Thanksgiving, and my littlest sister K was ecstatic about a pendant watch she'd bought at the Liberty, NC antiques fair today. She also found an amazing hat from the 40s. I wish I could have gone too! Well, someday when I have my yarn/art/fabric/antiques store, I can play with old treasures to my hearts content.

P.S. We've been cleaning out the dusty corners at work and these weird things are sitting in a box that I pass by every day. I have no idea what they are or what ancient technology they came from, but every time I see them I get the feeling that they could be the severed heads of feminine robots. (Feminine because of the "eyelashes...") Okay, okay, so I have a very vivid imagination! But can't you just picture them as the heads of droids captured by the sand people and dismantled a la Star Wars episode IV?

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Donnie Barnes said...

I have nothing interesting to say other than "thank you" for the two awesome blogs today! Oh, and maybe I have some Viking and gave it to Zach, too, because he and I are the ones in the family who can wear shorts year round. Ashley and Kevin? Notsomuch.