Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday No Fun Day

The internet was down at work on Saturday, and since my Saturday coworkers know just enough about computers to think a server is a modem, I was elected to fix the problem. However, the problem was with the ISP, so there wasn't much I could do. You would have thought the world had ended--it's amazing how dependent we are on the Internet these days. Everyone was in a horrible mood. They couldn't check their email for messages from clients, or send wire transfers, or do anything without actually using a phone and talking to someone. It was quite painful. The mood spilled over to today, when I got to work and there was still no Internet. Luckily, it was restored around 1 p.m. but in the meantime I was blamed for making the alarm go off in the gallery at 1 in the morning which forced my boss to have to drive in from New Jersey to check on things. Why was it my fault? Because I must have shifted something in the electrical closet on Saturday when I was fiddling around with the modem and the routers that caused something to trigger the alarm. I'm not buying it, but whatever.

It was just the beginning of a day where it seemed like everything I touched went wrong. I even took a break to go buy a donut, and Dunkin Donuts was closed because of mechanical problems. I had irate artists emailing me, I was accidentally hanging up on people, I was getting pulled in all directions by coworkers needing help, and all kinds of merchandise was having to get retagged because nobody would give me the right information. So frustrating. And then when I got home, there was plaster dust all over the kitchen floor from the maintenance people fixing a pipe, and there was a mouse in the trap, but it didn't die--it escaped and ran back into its hiding place in the wall!

So I'm hiding in my room, uploading all my cds to my computer, and looking at pictures of kittens. Cute kittens will cheer anyone up, right? Meanwhile, my dear sister made me dinner and mopped the floor. I think I'm going to go to bed early and pretend like this day never happened. I'm off tomorrow, and am planning on having nothing but fun.

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rachel said...

what are you doing for fun today? i like fun. and i like you. call me!