Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Being Boring

I guess I haven't written anything for the past few days because nothing really interesting has happened. There was the ceiling scare, and getting all the stuff out of the clutches of the crazy ex-landlady, but other than that, I've just been buckling down, trying to stay hard at work on my Paper. The thesis is coming along okay. I've got about 15 pages done, which is a quarter of the way there. My hardest problem is staying on task. There's always the thought that I could be checking my email or finding new music on i-tunes or listening to the radio or playing online scrabble, but I have to ignore those urges. (And while I'm ignoring stuff, I've gone ahead and just ignored the giant laundry pile in the corner. I've got work to do!)

The other hard thing to ignore is the summer-turning-into-autumn weather. The air is getting that twinge to it that makes me want to go outside and tramp through piles of orange leaves. There's a stack of crochet patterns I want to make for the chilly weather times, and I want to bake. And I want to explore the city some more before winter sets in. Well, all the more reason to get busy and get this paper done with!


Aidan's mom said...

Holly -- your blog (or your life through the lens of your blog) is NEVER boring. I love reading tales from you life in the city. Your writing is wonderful, and your stories are so entertaining. BTW I thought of you while reading a story in the NYT on Sunday about Harlem neighborhoods changing. Does Harlem love you?

Aidan's mom said...

Oh...P.S. Aidan's mom is Kaarsten!

Lady Holiday said...

Hi Kaarsten! Thanks for reading my blog. I don't know if Harlem loves me or not, but I love Harlem.

Donnie Barnes said...

I agree with Kaarsten. Yours is probably my favorite blog to read if I had to rate them. And I have to admit that every time I hear U2's "Angel of Harlem" I can't help but think of Holly.

I have this good friend who goes by the nickname "Maddog." He's a wonderful soul, and one day in a large group of people someone asked him where he got his nickname. He started with "well, this is a pretty boring story, but if you must know..." and proceeded to entertain the heck out of everyone for about 15 minutes. He wasn't being modest in saying it was boring...he truly still thinks it's a boring story. That's because, like many good storytellers, he doesn't like being the center of attention.

The moral of the story is never be afraid to be boring. Or something like that. Shoot, I think I just fell into being boring myself! :-)