Friday, August 15, 2008

So Hot its Not

We're having unusually cool weather this August, so there actually haven't been any hot August nights. But it's nice--I like it. With no AC in the house, it's nice to be able to open the windows and have a nice cool breeze blow in. Tonight I went to the library after work, and it was raining. I've learned to carry an umbrella with me every day, like a true New Yorker. As expected on a Friday night, there was no one in the library, so there was no one to hear the loud squeak of my wet shoes on the tessellated floors of Bobst. No one to see me curl up in a ball surrounded by a pile of books on New England church architecture, ancient Christian art, Solomon's temple, and such. No one to see me sneak a bite of the energy bars they were giving out free at Whole Foods. I like huge libraries, and I like being all alone in them. But they are always cold. So I stayed and read until my mind started to wander, my stomach started to growl, and my legs started to freeze. But it wasn't very warm outside, even though the rain had stopped, so I had the bizarre sensation of enjoying the heat of the subway platform in August. It thawed me without getting me hot, because as soon as I was warmed up, the train came, I stepped in, and got refrigerated again!

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