Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, to be Sherlock

Today has been the day of searching. As soon as I got to work I was searching for a watch that had been packed in a large shipment accidentally. I found it, luckily, but then this man called who gave a clock to my boss to try and sell, but it never sold, so he wanted to come pick it up. That's usually no problem, except the clock has been here since 2000! So I searched and searched--even got all black with dust searching in the depths of the backroom--and never found it. Then a man came in who wanted to pick up his watch that he left here in 2006, and I couldn't find that either. What is with today and people wanting their old stuff back all of a sudden?

But I don't even think Sherlock himself could be of much use in this place. The system my company uses for keeping track of things is quite antiquated, and inefficient. Plus there are a lot of staff, and people don't always follow protocol, so things disappear into cracks in the system. There are some clues to follow, but no magnifying glass, calabash pipe, or even violin solo can help me, I'm afraid. I need technology! And some psychic powers. Luckily we're getting a new database soon... I hope it makes things less mysterious around here. Meanwhile, I'll be in the back, looking for fingerprints in the vault.

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