Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Perfect Day Out There

I saw this old poster image and it reminded me of today. It's just the most beautiful day outside! I wish I was in the park right now instead of at work, in the basement no less, where I can't even see the sun. During my lunch break I went outside and bought a delicious banana blueberry smoothie and a street pretzel and sat in the sun. But its not even hot--it's just perfect, with a coolish breeze, almost like autumn. The air is surprisingly fresh and clear. My horoscope (not that I believe in such things) says I'm going to find unexpected romance today, so I was hoping that I would bump into some attractive man, romantic-comedy-based-in-NYC style, but... not yet. Still, if it were to happen, today would be the perfect backdrop for it. It's simply gorgeous out there!

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