Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Love It When I Do That

I've been immersed in research at the library, working on my thesis, and they have a copy of this recent book by Richard L. Bushman so last night I was looking through it to see what it had to say about the building of the Kirtland temple, but as I was skipping around I kept reading really interesting things, and I started wishing I could check it out, but I don't have borrowing priveleges at this library. So I thought maybe I should buy a used copy so I could read it more leisurely. But today when I got home from work I opened my mailbox and found a copy of it, that I had ordered weeks ago!

Apparently several weeks ago I was trolling Amazon, buying some books on Kirtland and Nauvoo that they didn't have at the library here, and I added that one to the list, bought it, then promptly forgot all about it. And then it arrived today. Crazy. I wonder what other books are coming my way?

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Anonymous said...

I read it last year. Very interesting book!! Could have sent you my copy...