Friday, August 8, 2008


Watching the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, I am awed by the artistry of the program. The thousands of performers are perfectly in synch, the costumes are spectacular, and the music inspiring. More than once I have exclaimed out loud because the beauty of the performances is so amazing. China has truly gone to great lengths to make this Olympics memorable, and I think it is definitely the best opening ceremonies I have ever seen.

As the commentators (why aren't they called just commentors, by the way?) describe the happenings, they keep mentioning that China invented fireworks, China invented paper, China invented the magnetic compass, and the kite. And don't forget porcelain. China's history is so rich and vibrant, even though their Communist government has sought through the years to make everything plain and uniform, to suppress creativity and personal expression. I am amazed at all the art in just this opening ceremony. In the U.S. all we hear about is how terrible China's government is, how repressive, and how backward. And yet they have produced this amazing artwork.

Watching the Olympics is also a great lesson in geography. E had never heard of Eritrea or the Brazilian soccer legend Pele. I can understand Eritrea, but who has never heard of Pele? Sometimes I wonder about her...

Anyway, speaking of China, they are really taking over. In case you haven't noticed. Everything is made there, they own all the U.S. debt, and they are humongous. My dad's company is owned by China, and he has actually been having to take classes at work where he learns how to behave properly in China and with Chinese people. I wish they would give people from other countries how to behave properly in New York. The summer tourists have been driving me crazy. Especially near where I work, in midtown. The tourists walk 5-in-a-row down the sidewalk, super slowly, and you can't pass them or go through them, so they cause pedestrian traffic jams. Then they stop suddenly to take pictures of pigeons or storefronts. (Eye-roll!)

Oh well. I'm glad we have tourists, actually, because they are doing the New York economy some good. With the low dollar, they are willing to spend more here and keep me employed, which is a good thing.

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