Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Apple Time

Well, I don't even know where to begin. Due to an amazing benefactor, I am now the owner of a Mac! I was despairing the loss of my Lenovo laptop, which is still with the Level 2 support guys getting fixed. Not having a computer to use at home, I was having to furtively blog at work when no one was looking, or late at night at the library when I was supposed to be doing research. I had no way to upload music to my mp3 player, and no way to look at all the pictures I've been taking on my digital camera. Worse than that, no work was getting done on my thesis, though its October deadline is just around the corner.

Things were starting to look grim, when I suddenly received a surprise package. A computer! A Macbook. I'm still in shock that someone would be so generous to me, but I'm extremely grateful. And loving it!

My family is staunchly PC, and that doesn't stand for politically correct. My dad has worked in the computer industry for many years, and my brother too, so I guess out of loyalty to their companies we've never had exposure to Macintosh products in our home. The last time I used a Mac was in middle school I think, and I don't even own an Ipod, so this is all new to me. But when I called my brother last night to tell him about my awesome gift, he confessed to me that he recently built a Mac in the basement to see what all the fuss is about! So he was able to help me get mine set up and offered some advice about different programs.

Speaking of my brother, he wanted me to clarify that his truck is "viper yellow" not "schoolbus yellow" and he would like everyone to know that his once rusty jeep is now beautifully restored and pristine. Check it out for yourself:

Anyway, I love my new computer!!!!!

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Holly said...

What an amazing discovery in your mailbox! :) And perfect timing--I was missing your daily blogging!