Saturday, July 26, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

If I weren't always walking around in my own little dream world, I would probably see more celebrities as I wander around the city. However, I saw one today. Gary Winick came in to the store where I work, and actually I've briefly talked to him on the phone, too. Of course, I wouldn't have known he was even famous if someone hadn't told me. Just like when Mark Ronson came in. I can't keep track of all these people, and I don't even know why people love to see celebrities, but for some reason it's fun to talk about. More interesting than talking about my Friday night, which was spent alone at home. I made cookies and watched WWE Smackdown. I don't know why.


jeff said...

I don't know who Gary Winick is, but I do know that cookies and WWE have made for many a great evening throughout my life.

Donnie Barnes said...

WWE? Seriously? And to think people make fun of me on facebook because I like Dancing with the Stars!

Lady Holiday said...

I don't love WWE, but it was the only thing on and it was actually very entertaining. I laughed very hard. And I know--Gary Winick shouldn't count as a real celebrity, I suppose. He's a director--I think he did Charlotte's Web a few years back.