Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The State of Things

There's not really anything noteworthy to write about today... but if you really want to read something and you don't care what, I'll just ramble on about the mundane occurrences in my life.

First of all, E. is sickly. She's going to the doctor tomorrow, but she hasn't been feeling well for a long time, and when I told her today that it might be mono, she looked it up on wiki, read that it can cause one's spleen to burst, and got really scared. Now she can't sleep, so I've been reading Aesop's fables outloud to her. Hopefully the doctor will be able to check the health of her spleen tomorrow and give her what she needs to get well. (And the moral of this story is that people need to drink more water, eat less sugar, and exercise.)

As for me, I'm in recovery mode from my weekend of parties, including yesterday when I went out with all my female co-workers for Cinco de Mayo. All the Mexican restaurants were so packed that we ended up at just a regular old sports bar, eating quesadillas.

School is winding down, though there are a ton of projects and readings and presentations I'm supposed to be working on--but I keep getting distracted by the beautiful spring weather outside. I was good today and went to the library after class, but I only got through 2 books before I found myself packing up and wandering outside into Washington Square, where a brass band was playing. One thing I love about that area is the basketball court right by the West 4th Street subway entrance. The small court is enclosed by a tall chainlink fence, where groups of guys gather like tumbleweeds, entranced by the games that are always happening on the other side of the fence. I don't know who the teams are, or how you get to play on that little court, but every time I pass, there's a game on, with lots of random hypnotized spectators, cheering a good move, or perhaps wishing they were in there participating. I also love all the hipsters walking around, and the movie theater down there that always seems to be featuring some indie movie about a rock star.

I came home and made cookies to take to work tomorrow, but as I started to make them, I realized I didn't have any of the ingredients. It's a sad day at my house when I don't have ingredients for chocolate chip cookies! So I walked down to the grocery store, and bought what I needed, as well as food and tissues for E. And I didn't even need a coat or a sweater! It's warm outside at night. Finally! Oh, and dogwoods are in bloom. If you're in North Carolina, you're like "Dogwood blossoms are so 2 months ago!" But here they are just born. I saw them today, white with pink edges, the most perfect flower of all.

Tomorrow I will write about the tour of Radio City Music Hall that I went on today, and probably some other art-related stuff.

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