Friday, May 23, 2008

The School Girl

Classes are over! It's so wierd to think that I'm one summer and one 60-page paper away from having a Master's Degree. That's so exciting, but I was very sad today. I'm really good at being a student, and I loved going to class. How could anyone complain about getting to go on amazing field trips to see art collections, or listening to rich lectures while being shown slide after slide of beautiful objects and paintings? But it's all over now. They had a sort of party for all the students yesterday afternoon, with wine, diet cokes, and stale chips. My theory is that the school was using up its leftovers from the year, with no more prospect of activities until Fall. But it was still nice to gather with fellow students and teachers and socialize, even if us students were all dazed from having stayed up all night finishing out final thesis proposals, which were due that day.

Anyway, I'm just really sad that classes are over, and I was thinking about it today. But then I went to the grocery store and as I was walking back to my house, this really cute guy with a skateboard under his arm totally smiled at me and it made me cheer up. Does it sound like I'm still in high-school? Maybe I'm not done with classes after all...

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