Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scattered Thoughts

There's some kind of blizzard going on outside, even though this morning it was clear and sunny. I hear the wind battering the windows on our old house, and its nice to be inside and cozy. I've been trying to think of something inspirational or interesting to write on my blog tonight, but I just have random thoughts, so I guess I'll share those. In list form:

1. Today at church I went to a teacher development meeting--kind of a workshop to help strengthen the Relief Society teachers. There were 5 of us and we were asked to go around the circle and say a good thing about each others lessons. The thing the other girls said about me was that I always seem to be so prepared and have done a lot of research and studying of my topic. That was interesting, and nice to hear. I didn't tell them that for most of my lessons, I have been starting my preparation the day before. In fact, my goal is to start preparing further in advance... but maybe now I don't need to worry about that?

2. My roommates and I had people over for an early lunch/dinner today, and I made my mom's "Tostado Pizza" which turned out just fine even though I forgot to mix the taco seasoning in with the meat and had to improvise. Oh well--I don't think people even noticed. This is Nick The Dentist's third time coming over to our house, and our landlady is in love with him. Maybe now she will finally clean out the first floor apartment and let him move in down there.

3. Our home teacher and his roommate (mostly his roommate) want to hire my sister and I to make artwork for their bare walls. They are all accountants and are willing to pay the big bucks! It will be a fun project, but unfortunately all three of them have completely different tastes in art.

4. I keep thinking of new ideas for my thesis and cannot stop changing my mind! I thought of a new one in church today. What if I write about the federal-sponsored art projects created during the Depression to help stimulate the economy by providing jobs for artists? My idea a few days ago was to write about the home crafts that upper middle class Victorian women would do, like making wax fruits or painting china. Oh, I just thought of Mount Rushmore! That would be really interesting to learn about...

5. There are people screaming outside. I think they are being blown away in the wind.

6. So, just when I thought I was doing better, I realized that my heart still hurts. When will I be back to normal? I had to get out my broken-heart/letting-go mix again, because it is full of upbeat songs that remind me how awesome I am and how everything is going to be okay. And I made plans for Valentine's Day.

7. Now I'm going to go work on my crochet, and watch TV. Sunday night TV is the best because there is Nature on PBS at 8. Then, after Nature is Masterpiece, and they are showing Pride & Prejudice as part of a whole Jane Austen series. So let me go get a blanket to bundle up in, some hot cocoa, and my yarn, and I'll talk to you guys later.


rachel said...

a) please do your thesis on shaker gift drawings. after reading about them on your blog, i have been looking up everything i can about them and i am fascinated!

b) my brother lives in chapel hill. let's take a trip to north carolina when the avett bros are playing...i'm dying to see them in their element.

c)i think i need a copy of your broken heart/letting go mix.

d) i think you're great.

B. Allred said...

Remember... Superman!

Lady Holiday said...

Okay Ben, how about you dressed as Superman, flying through a Munch-esque landscape, with a 16th century Dutch portrait of Steve holding his hands up to his face a la The Scream?