Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heart to Heart

Happy Valentine's Day! I have always loved Victorian cards and paper scraps and found a delightful website where there are some gorgeous examples, as well as very interesting information about them.

I made Valentines last week and sent them out to friends that live far away from me. I love to send out Valentine's because every time I do, I get an image in my head of hearts emanating from my mailbox and being dispersed out into the world like dandelion seeds, spreading love and cheer where they might land. Everyone likes to get something in the mail, and I'm old-fashioned and a romantic at heart, and so love sending mail through the actual post.

However, in my case, the seeds didn't exactly sprout as planned. On Monday my mother called me up to say that she received my card, but it had become separated from its handmade envelope, which had come completely unglued in the mail. It was a miracle that the thing had even arrived, she said, because the hatched card and its envelope were only slightly touching each other, ready at any moment to go their separate ways.

So, I apologize to any of you who may or may not have received a Valentine from me. I guess Elmer's doesn't make glue like they used to. Hopefully some of them arrived at their destinations in one piece. If not, I hope you know I love you, with or without a Valentine to prove it.

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