Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Sorry about the frowny face yesterday. It was a bad day. I've come down with a bad cold/flu type of bug, concurrent with bizarre stabbing pains in my abdomen, and was missing my family, who are going through a pretty hard time right now. And I was home alone listening to sad songs... who wouldn't have a frowny face?

Have you ever listened to A Prairie Home Companion on NPR? My favorite part is always the "advertisement" by the Ketchup Advisory Board, in which the narrators, Jim and Barb, describe their blessings, holiday-newsletter style:

"It's been a good spring for Jim and me. We had a real nice week in Phoenix at the Acme Sands Resort and Miniature Golf and when we returned home I wrote a bitter letter to the airline complaining about a flight attendant's sarcastic remark about our matching exercise suits and we received 50,000 free miles. Our daughter called us and we talked for ten minutes and she never told us that she wished she had never been born because we had ruined her life. For Lent, I gave up anchovies and Jim gave up performance art, so that was no problem. And then to cap it all off, Jim's company offered him early retirement. I thought we had it made. And then one night I came down and found Jim in the kitchen opening and closing the refrigerator door..."

It's funny because they always list what should be terrible things that happen, yet turn them around into positive experiences. And at the end, they discover that all you really need in life to make you happy is some delicious ketchup.

It's cheesy, I know, but I could learn a lesson from Jim and Barb. I've also been counting my blessings based on things I've seen on the New York streets, like the man I saw the other day with no legs. No legs! I'm really really glad I have legs. But we take our legs for granted every day.

So, yes I'm sick, but it's given me a chance to sit at home in a sunbeam and catch up on my school readings, which I've been neglecting. I've also been able to listen to past episodes of the Bob & Sheri show, which I otherwise never have time to do. I can't think of any positive spin on the situation my family is going through... except that we are pulling together strongly and learning the ways that the Lord can bless us through adversity, as well as getting a lesson in the very real consequences of sin. I am thankful for my family, and for the faith that my parents have, which is a tremendous example to me. I am also thankful for my church, and for the knowledge I have of God's love. He does love me, and my family, and will watch over us.

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