Friday, February 8, 2008

Carolina On My Mind

Maybe because its been grey and wet here in New York, I have been missing North Carolina more than usual this past week. I almost got desperate enough to jump on the Chinatown bus to Georgia, but I decided to save that adventure for another day (er, seems to depart only in the middle of the night!) But I feel like I'm missing out on a lot. My lil' sister turned 18 this week, and it would have been nice to have been there for her party. Also, one of my brothers is going away for a while, and even though I just saw him at Christmas time, I would have liked to give him another hug. Then of course, there are friends I miss (happy birthday to you, too, Lis!), and good old Southern cooking. I made a big batch of cornbread last weekend, which helped fill that craving, but I'm still yearning for shrimp and grits, and real banana pudding.

In the yarn store the other day I overheard a lady in a knitting circle quipping to the other women, "My two favorite teams are Carolina and whoever is playing Duke!" I couldn't help a smile, and I felt like I was back in Chapel Hill for a moment.

It's funny, having moved around a lot during my life, I don't really know where I'm "from." Answering that question is always circuitous. I'm really happy to have lived in several totally different places, from the west coast to the east. And there are things about each state that I love. The Oregon coast is paradise, the Massachusetts countryside is redolent with history and beauty, and New York is about as glamorous as it gets. But for now I've got Carolina on my mind, like an unrequited love.

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