Monday, January 21, 2008

Sightings and Close Encounters

I'm 90% sure it was Brad Pitt I saw riding a bicycle down Park Avenue, near 80th Street on Friday afternoon. I thought about calling out his name, to see if he would turn his head or something, just to be sure it was him. Instead, I just stared.

No other celebrity sightings for me, though I heard that Ralph Lauren's brother was at the Antiques Show today. Also, something curious was going on near my house. Late last night and this morning the entire section of Convent Avenue was blocked off and there were policemen and police cars everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But there didn't seem to be anything dangerous going on--no weapons were drawn or anything like that. I asked one of the shivering cops what was going on and he just said, "I dunno. I was just told to stand here." Poor guy. It must have only been about 15 degrees--its been torturously cold the past 2 days.

So it will remain a mystery. My guesses are that a celebrity of some kind was in one of the churches on that block (there are really only churches on that block) or else it was a practice hostage crisis, or... maybe something so top secret that even the policemen themselves didn't know what it was. Like one of those movies where the villain is about to destroy the world and nobody even knows it except for the one hero and maybe a girl that helps him save the world. Well, I'm happy to report that the world is now safely out of danger, because the policemen have gone and the road is unblocked.

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